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BMI Calculator: Use the metric and imperial BMI calculators to work out your body mass index (BMI). By calculating your body mass index, you can get an indication of whether your weight may be affecting your health.

BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate): Would you like to know how many calories you burn on a daily basis? Use our metric and imperial BMR calculators to determine both your daily inactive calorie burn and your daily calorie burn based upon your activity level.


U.S. national Library of medicine and national institutes of health (NIH)

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Mayo clinic

More than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic share their expertise to empower you to manage your health.

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American medical association

From finding a doctor to exploring health care careers; from health and medicine resources to helping us advocate for patients' rights. What you need to know-all in one place.

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breast cancer research foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a breast cancer foundation committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. BCRF is also the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. with an A+ rating from Charity Watch and 4 out 4 stars from Charity Navigato.

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LiveStrong provides support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together to fight cancer—and work for a world in which our fight is no longer necessary.

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Mesothelioma cancer alliance

At the Mesothelioma Caner Alliance we work to provide support for those suffering from or supporting those with mesothelioma. This cancer affects men and women between the ages of 50 and 70. Typically it is associated with exposure to the asbestos, which can be found in homes, buildings and places of work. Because of it's rarity we like to make sure the patient has access to as much information as possible. We provide information on every aspect of mesothelioma from the different types ,symptoms and causes to the care, treatment and the special community groups they can be involved in. We also provide support for caregivers and survivors, helping to raise awareness with our friend Heather Von St James who is a 10 year survivor. In addition, we are active in the advocacy community that works tirelessly to get asbestos banned in the US and to raise awareness for the diseases and health complications that can result from exposure to asbestos.



MAAC is an on-line resource for those who have mesothelioma and those looking to learn more about it. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer so it's important for patients to have access to as much information as possible.



Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to improving the health of people living and working in the communities they serve.

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Get real answers - in plain language - to your health and wellness questions.

Healthy Habits Calendar: Each month of the calendar includes practical health and wellness information that may help you set or reach your personal health goals.

This UHC preventive care link is great, just enter your age and you get a list of screenings and immunizations:

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