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EBS is uniquely qualified to provide our members true value in employee benefit options. Since our organization exists only to serve AIMS members and operates as a non-profit, we can provide our clients with the security and peace of mind that they are getting products and services specifically designed for the needs of our community at the lowest costs possible.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy as an EBS member include:

  • Savings - The rates we have negotiated with our carriers are based on our group as a whole. These rates are often below what you might negotiate as a smaller employer. The spread of risk distributed among our large group of members also helps to mitigate the risk of significant premium increases at renewal.
  • Full Fee Disclosure – Each client is fully aware of any commissions or fees EBS earns on your business. We think it is important for all of our schools to understand the fees they pay for any brokerage or consulting services.
  • Member Advocate Services – Navigating today’s health insurance industry can be challenging. The dedicated professionals at Educators Benefit Services (EBS) are here to help. We are committed to advocating on behalf of our members to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality benefits and exceptional customer service.
  • Administrative Simplification – You will have the assistance of the EBS staff to support and coordinate your suite of employee benefit offerings. In addition, our online enrollment product will support many of the ancillary benefits we offer, eliminating the need for multiple system entries or paper forms.
  • The EBS community - As an EBS member you have a unique resource available to you in the EBS community. EBS provides multiple opportunities for our members to connect throughout the year. Communication and information sharing among member schools helps you to focus on issues specific to your members and to gain insights from others in similar situations. As a result, you are able to better manage your employee benefit plans.