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Health Savings Account (HSA)

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OptumHealth Bank is UnitedHealthcare’s health care bank of choice and is a national leader in HSA banking. Plus, only OptumHealth Bank offers the convenience of banking through your health plan website, 


OptumHealth Bank

Whether your school is new to consumer-driven health plans (high deductible health plans) or have been offering them for years, the HSA Toolkit listed below is a must read. By implementing these key strategies now, you may greatly increase your chances for a successful CDH adoption and engagement among your faculty and staff at open enrollment.

Listed below are HSA educational materials intended for your faculty and staff regarding the features and benefits of high deductible health plans and HSA’s.


Employer Resources:

HSA Implementation Toolkit - This is a 6 months Pre and Open Enrollment Communications Calendar.

Medicare and HSA - This brochure answers the most common questions regarding Medicare and HSA’s.

Better Than a Raise! - An explanation of how funding an employee's HSA is beneficial.


Employee Communications:

HSA Qualified Expenses- This is a list of most common qualified expenses.

HSA FAQ Brochure - This brochure is a nice compliment to the HSA plan brochure.

HSA Plan Brochure- This brochure gives a thorough overview of how high deductible health plans and HSA’s work.

HSA Plan Overview Presentation with Audio

Health Savings Account Plan Video from United Healthcare

Consumer Driven Health Video from United Healthcare

Post Enrollment Communications:

Understanding Your Health Care Cards

How Your Claim is Paid

HSA-Wallet Card

Your Combined Medical & Pharmacy Deductible

Understanding Your Health Statement

The following brochures exhibit how employees of any individual or family status may benefit from participating in an H.S.A plan. We encourage you to make these available to your faculty and staff as open enrollment draws near. Click on the links below to access the brochures.