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The SBCs from United Healthcare have been posted to our website in compliance with PPACA. You may direct your faculty & staff to our site or provide the following link via e-mail or intranet.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

PLEASE NOTE: The content and format of the SBCs provided are designed to comply with the rules governing these documents. The law requires the carrier to use a "coverage example calculator” provided by HHS when calculating the patient responsibility for each coverage example. The calculator makes several assumptions which are not accurate for all plan designs. As a result, the Coverage Examples provided in the documents can appear inaccurate and confusing. For example, the deductible amounts are rounded up to the next $100.00, so a plan with a $250.00 deductible will show a $300.00 in the coverage example.

In an effort to help avoid some of the confusion, we have included the following statement on the website: "The Coverage Examples provided in the SBC are intended to give the participant a general idea of the benefits available under the plan and may not accurately reflect the actual benefits payable.”