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As you may be aware, the UnitedHealthcare pharmacy benefit services will be transitioning on April 1, 2013 from Medco to OptumRx—UnitedHealth Group’s in-house pharmacy benefit manager.

Over the next few months communications will be sent out to members making them aware of the transition. Here is a timeline of the communications that will be sent out.

Mailing Timeline

Interactive Messaging Timeline

Many states are developing standards to protect privacy and the personal health information for minors. It is our policy not to list the specific medications prescribed to minors. Therefore Optum Rx has developed a process to allow subscribers to view spouses and dependents information. ( Please see Attachment # 10 How can I view my dependent(s) or spouse’s pharmacy benefits online)

We have also included an Email Template that you can use to communicate to your employees about the OptumRX transition prior to the communications that will be sent out by UnitedHealthcare.